Advisory Services

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AFAA assists clients to sell fine paintings, works on paper and sculpture. Over many years,we have established and maintained worldwide relationships in the fine art trade. Some works are best suited to offer through dealers or private transactions, while others may benefit from the wider exposure that an auction house can provide. We advise on placement, estimates, contracts and logistics to ensure the most timely and favorable venue for the sale of your property.


AFAA assists clients to purchase fine paintings, works on paper and sculpture. After identifying your specific area of interest, we can source works for your consideration through auction houses, dealers and private collections. We carefully assess each work we submit to you for quality, condition, provenance and price.

Professional Opinions of Value

If you require a rapid value estimate of your artwork, our Professional Opinion of Value is an excellent option.
For a flat fee of $75.00 we will produce a Professional Opinion of Value for your item. This is a one page summary that provides a low/high estimate of your artwork's fair market value.Please note, a P.O.V. is not an appraisal. It is a useful reference resource to provide you with a snapshot of your artwork's value for ready sale.

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Authentication Assistance

While AFAA does not authenticate works of art, we have assisted many clients to do so. It's important to note that only a recognized expert in the work of an artist, is authorized to issue certificates of authenticity. We have longstanding professional relationships with many experts and understand their process and requirements.

Providing the relevant data on your item before submission to the expert is often pivotal to a positive outcome. This frequently involves research in specialist collections, archives and databases on your behalf. Our objective is to present the expert with a detailed fact sheet on your artwork that supports its presumed authenticity. If the expert requests to personally examine the work,we can also assist with logistics.

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Inspection and Verification

Prior to a purchase or sale we will inspect the work of art being considered. We will verify the current condition of the object, review all paperwork and provenance associated with the item and if requested, perform a database search to track its history.