Appraisal Reports: $300.00 per hour.

A professionally prepared valuation for insurance, estate, donation, damage and loss, equitable distribution or litigation. AFAA reports are legal documents that conform to the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice and the Code of Ethics of the Appraisers Association of America.

How We Calculate Our Estimate

  • Our estimate for your project will depend the type of appraisal required, the number of items to be appraised, and the amount of information you are able to provide before we begin. We will appraise from photographs with limiting conditions.
  • We can typically inspect, photograph and catalogue ten works per hour. Two to three hours of research and report writing are required for each hour of inspection. This can vary; well known artists who trade frequently in the market require significantly less time to research than obscure or lesser known artists.
  • Internal Revenue Service compliant reports (charitable donation and estate) require additional hours to complete.

Terms of Service

  1. We send you a written estimate and service contract. The signed contract and 50% of the estimated fee is required on or before the inspection date.
  2. We set an inspection date with you at your home or business. Travel outside of greater Los Angeles is subject to a surcharge.
  3. We research the items, prepare the report and arrive at our valuation in approximately two to three weeks from the inspection date. Please allow four to six weeks for estate and charitable contribution reports.
  4.  We e-mail you a draft of the completed report for your review.
  5. Upon receipt of payment for the balance due, we mail you the signed, hard copy of the final report via USPS.
  6. We accept checks and credit cards.

All information and materials produced by or submitted to AFAA are confidential and are not released to any party without the permission of the client.