Purchase Advice

AFAA’s Pre-Purchase Report assists clients to make well informed buying decisions on paintings, works on paper and sculpture from 1800 to the present. (Please note that works of art under $10,000.00 are not optimal candidates for this service.)

The following questions should be asked prior to any significant art purchase:

  • Is this a typical work by the artist? Is it a good example of the subject, medium and style for which he or she is best known?

  • Is there an established secondary market for the artist beyond the individual gallery or dealer exhibiting the work? What is the selling dealer’s reputation among his peers? Has the artist sold at auction? Has this specific work sold at auction? If so, for how much and when?

  • Is the artist represented in noted museum or private collections? Has the work been included in books, periodicals or noted exhibitions?

  • What is the physical condition of the work? Has it undergone treatment or conservation of any kind?

  • If it is a work from an earlier era, is there provenance, exhibition history or literature that documents or illustrates the work?

  • Does the work have clear title? Is the seller authorized, in writing, to offer the work for sale? Has the work been checked in the Art Loss Register database of stolen property?

Our Pre-Purchase Report provides the data you require to make a confident and informed buying decision. In many instances, our reports have assisted clients in negotiating a reduced purchase price.

It is important to recognize, that despite the best research and due diligence, many works of art do not hold their value or appreciate in value.

However, your passion for the artwork, along with our professional research, can help ensure the best possible addition to your collection within your budget.

Hourly rates apply.